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Message from the CEO

Ato Tadesse Girma

Greeting and welcome to the Amhara building works construction enterprise. We are governmental enterprise of the Amhara regional state, which has marvelous success stories in the building & road construction. Prior to 2003 the Enterprise under the names of Amhara Urban dev’t & Construction Share Company and also 2016, ANRS housing development project office and ANRS construction and housing development Agency had been able to undertake several projects. We have shown our commitment to the mission.

We deliver services in construction management, general contracting and consulting. Currently, we are running over 50 projects throughout the region and neighboring national regional state (Benshangul gumuz). Each project is managed by our team of highly experienced personnel, incorporating the services of various professionals in the architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary engineering, in quantity surveying and other related fields.

Whereas it has found necessary to cause regional enterprises to have a strengthened organization, by having liberated from protracted endeavors & overlapping activities, through bringing about & combining their capacities and due to this fact, to create a significant value by reduction of their administrative cost so that their market competitiveness would be enhanced thereof;

Now Therefore, Amhara building works construction enterprise Amahara Urban development & construction share company established by the existing Mean while in July 2018 The council of the Amhara regional government has passed a regulation bill no. 177/2018,

 To avoid or minimize the irregularities in the supply of construction materials, we are running two factories, which produce different construction inputs, like partition walls, metal and agrostone doors and windows, ceiling sheet as well as decorates.  We also run two huge and six small (30 horsepower) aggregate crusher plants, which have made the enterprise self-sufficient in aggregate production.  Moreover, we have two material test centers, which are located in Bahirdar and Woldiya.

All the above mentioned issues are necessary conditions for the insuring of customer satisfaction; but they don’t necessarily imply the existence of sufficient condition. The Rent seeking problem, which is a very present danger in the construction industry, is a challenging problem for our enterprise too; the delivery of services on delay is another problem, which needs to be tackled immediately.  Therefore, The ABWCE management has been taking proactive measurements to create corruption free working atmosphere and ensure on time delivery of Buildings for our clients. To achieve the ABWCE’s undertaking, themanagement has a regular control and evaluation programs. These programs have enabled the management to carry out a close follow up with ever updated information.

Obviously, the monitoring and evaluation work of the management is bearing fruit; hence, we are now effective in the eliminating of rent seeking attitudes and quality problems; besides we are enhancing our capacity of schedule based performing. We believe that, now we have created the necessary and sufficient conditions for the ensuring of customers’ satisfaction. 

The satisfaction of our clients is and will be our priority. The enterprise is committed to the delivery of quality works. ABWCE is well equipped with various types of machineries and vehicles. You have these and other many sound reasons, to make ABWCE your first choice in the issues related to the building constructions. ABWCE looks forward to an opportunity to serve your building needs in the near future.  

                                                                                                                                Tadesse Girma

                                                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer

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