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Additional Information About ABCE


The enterprise has a well-developed culture of team work. The enterprise values and practices are shared by the employees. The team spirit is high; it is the mystery behind the success history of the enterprise. The employees have developed “all to one and one to all” thinking pattern. This pattern of thinking is not limited within the organization. Although we are a profit oriented business entity, we have always considered the interest of our communities. We sponsored various activities; we have donated money, used furniture and computers for schools, communal administrations as well as civic organization. Giving back to the communities in which we work has been our long standing tradition.

Strategic Directions

The strategic directions of the enterprise supposed to achieve its mission are

  • Making efficient organization structure and identifying potential area of investment
  • Maintaining technical and managerial competency
  • Enhancing the employees’  Knowledge and Skill
  • Promoting and realizing of KAIZEN philosophy based material management
  • Getting and establishing trust and confidence among the public as well as with the state administration
  • Getting full access of information regarding the new development trend locally and globally
  • Building of work atmosphere free of rent seeking attitude and practice
  • Corporate good governance
  • Upgrading of the enterprise’s financial reporting by applying IFRS

Legal Requirements and licenses

The Amhara building works construction Enterprise is a public enterprise of the amhara regional state, Ethiopia.  Prior to 2003 the Enterprise under the names of Amhara Urban dev’t & Construction Share Company and also 2016, the Enterprise under the names of ANRS housing development project office and ANRS construction and housing development Agency had had legal grounds, which rose from the proclamation 129/1998 and regulation83/2003 respectively. 

However, the council of the Amhara regional government has passed a regulation bill (no. 131/2015), which gave the legal basis for the establishment of the Enterprise. It was established with the purpose of providing building construction services, construction input production, so that it will contribute to the development of construction industry in the region and in the country at large.

The enterprise has highly qualified Professionals and semiprofessional employees. Currently, the total number of the employee has reached 740;Twenty five percent (25.07%) of them are women. 20 employees have got Master degrees; 302 employees are with bachelor degrees; 162 employees have either diploma or advanced diploma. They are doing excellent jobs in their respective field of qualification; we have highly qualified and well cultivated civil engineers, electrical engineers, sanitary engineers, architects, foremen, technicians, surveyors, administrators, accountants, performance and finance auditors, lawyers,  machine operators and so on. All of our engineers have got a license in the field, which is issued by the Ministry of urban development, Housing and construction.

In addition to its human capital, the enterprise has a capital of 500,000,000.00Birr (Five hundred million Birr), which exceed the minimum amount of capital to be eligible for the license BC Grade 1 in the construction sector. The enterprise is fully equipped with the necessary machineries and vehicles. It also has several construction input material producing factories and plants. The Enterprise has fulfilled the requirements of BC contractor category 1by every measurement. Therefore, we are licensed to Building construction contractor Grade 1 in accordance with the regulation and requirements of the Ministry of urban development, Housing and construction.





















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