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Background of the Company

Since 2006 GC, the Amhara national regional state has been implementing a government-led low- and middle income housing program.  The establishment of the then known as the Amhara national regional state’s housing development project office had to do with it.  The program had had a mission to alleviate the housing problem in the region. The ANRS Housing development project office was assigned to coordinate the low cost condominium projects, which were initially implemented in 8 major cities of the region. The number of the beneficiary cities has reached from 8 to 12 in two years of period.

In the period of 2006 – 2012 GC, the ANRS project office had, successfully, completed over 836 Condominiums ranging from G+2 to G+4. These Condominiums has enabled to alleviate the housing problems of 20093(twenty thousand ninety three) people. Moreover, it was used as a means of modernizing cities and the life style of their dwellers. 

Nationwide, the Agency was able to be the best compared with the peer organizations. For four consecutive years, the Agency has got the Award of the Ministry of construction and urban development for its top placed ranking. This outstanding accomplishment had been awarded by the regional government by enhancing its status from project office to Agency. The Agency was named as the Amhara national regional state’s construction and housing development agency.  The Agency, in its existing period of 3 years (2013-2015), could undertake several construction and consultancy works, which made it the forerunner in the nationwide competition of the peer companies. 

Astonishing Three years of Successes finished & delivered huge projects like Lalibela Honey Muesem complex building project, G+7 Combolcha city Adminstration office building project, Bahir dar, Gondar & D/Birhan 8 Industry shed projects and Our Head Office Quarter G+7 & G+5 twin complex building project which is at finishing stage. ABWCE implemented Kaizen management philosophy in 2017 and awarded winner 1st class in implementing first stage Kaizen in construction industry whole Ethiopia.   

Whereas it has found necessary to cause regional enterprises to have a strengthened organization, by having liberated from protracted endeavors & overlapping activities, through bringing about & combining their capacities and due to this fact, to create a significant value by reduction of their administrative cost so that their market competitiveness would be enhanced thereof;

Now Therefore, Amhara building works construction enterprise Amahara Urban development & construction share company established by the existing Mean while in July 2018 The council of the Amhara regional government has passed a regulation bill no. 177/2018, which gave the legal basis for the Re-establishment of the Amhara Building Works Construction Enterprise (ABWCE). The company is established as a public enterprise of the regional government, having an initial capital of 964,838,269.00 Birr (Nine hundred Sixty Four million Eight hundred Thirty Eight thousand Two hundred Sixty Nine Birr).


Over the years, we gained experience and expertise in the building construction, cultivated professionalism and adaptability through the ever changing social and economic conditions in the region as well as in the country. We draw our several years of construction experience and expertise to be trustworthy and successful; for our vision is to be the first choice in east Africa in 2025 GC, when it deals with building construction.

Announcements and Events